Monday, 31 May 2010

FOX Cast Donald Glover As Spider-Man

Soon this rudimentry mock-up will become reality.

In a move which we declare utterly brilliant, FOX Studios have announced that they have cast actor and stand-up Donald Glover to star in their forthcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Rumours of a reboot have been swirling for a while now, ever since the talks for Sam Raimi to return for a fourth film fell through and the subsequent stars attached to his tenure also ruled out a return. This is the first announcement to come through since then regarding cast or plot, and hopefully will be the first of many incoming announcements which ComVan will be able to bring to you (the general public). As such, FOX's decision to cast a comic in the role of Spider-Man speaks volumes as to the direction they're planning for the film.

The previous assumption was that FOX were going a much darker direction with the film, utilising the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' series by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley as the primary influence on the storyline (which, we already thought the first Spider-Man movie had done, but fair enough FOX, if you say so). However, now we know that Donald Glover is definitely going to portray Spidey, these plans could well have fallen through. A relatively fledging star, Glover appeared as a member of the 'Derrick Comedy' troupe before reaching a more mainstream audience first through his work writing for hit comedy series '30 Rock' and later through his appearances in genius TV Show 'Community', alongside comedy veterans such as Chevy Chase and Alison Brie. Now that we know for absolute certain that he will be Spider-Man, we have to wonder who will be his Mary Jane. Or will they choose a Gwen Stacey instead? There are still many things we don't know yet about the series reboot, but as soon as we hear anything we'll make sure to tell you.

So! What are your thoughts on the casting, guys?


Anonymous said...

horrible idea. Simply horrible.

Arnheln said...

Since when has Peter Parker ever been Black? Unless there's some alterni-verse version that I'm unaware of...