Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher

In what may well be the most one-sided fight in history, Marvel will be giving us 88 pages of gleeful merriment as the various heroes of the MU roundly beat up The Punisher several times over in 'Marvel Universe Versus The Punisher'. Beginning with Spider-Man and the Hulk, writer Jonathan Maberry will feature many of Marvel's most high-profile characters plunging a fist into Frank Castle's stupid face, perhaps simultaneously. If you have sense and find The Punisher to be a stupid, jingoistic character who comes off most of the time like a rubbish version of Jack Bauer who kills and tortures people but hasn't even developed a coke addiction as a result.... well, this will be for you.

We're going to buy ten copies of each issue, and usually we only like The Punisher when he's a giant Frankenstein who fights demon nazis and Daken. Other characters who'll be joining the thrashing will be The Fantastic Four, Wolverine, and Deadpool. Like, naturally. And as Maberry is currently crafting perhaps the first-ever decent Black Panther story at the moment in 'Doomwar', there's a strong chance that some kind of BP will show up. Male, female... giant white cat ghost... some kind of Black Panther appearance seems likely.

Okay, so maybe the fight won't be as fun as we initially made it out to be. For one thing, it seems as though Castle is actually going to do well for himself against all these superheroes, which means that we must be dealing in an out-of-continuity story here. Remember a few weeks ago, when we showed you that phenomenal image of Punisher fighting The Hulk using A BOW AND ARROW? That's connected to this storyline. Apparently we're going to see Punisher survive for at least three issues, which is highly disappointing - but fingers crossed anyway! Maberry sets the story in a future which may or may not be the '616' Marvel Universe (hint: it won't be) and in which a plague has wiped out/mutated most humans. Castle turns out to be immune because he's at ground zero when the disease is released, but several of the most famous Marvel superheroes... won't be.

So it's going to be Punisher shooting a lot of zombie-like superheroes, inbetween perhaps some torture and infiltration, and - please? - dealing with his coke addiction and the fact that his daughter is being menaced in the wilderness by wild cougars. Joining Maberry for the wild and wacky adventures which should come with the disclaimer 'Punisher doesn't get beaten up frequently in this series' will be the brilliant Goran Parlov, who's going to make sure everything looks all chunky and visceral. Issue #1 of the four-part story comes out this August. Here's that picture of Punisher using a bow and arrow again!!

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Anonymous said...

This is a different kind of Marvel tale. Yes, as you suggest it's a Marvel Knights tale, so it's out of continuity. This is an existential survivalist tale. Hope you take a look.

-Jonathan Maberry