Friday, 17 September 2010

The Dead X-Men Return Again

Banshee makes what must be at least his third return from the dead in December as part of a team of Dead X-Men rising from... well, the grave. Along with Thunderbird, the two dead Stepford Cuckoos, and some Multiple Man dupes, the Orish Screamer looks set to be heavily involved in the Chaos War storyline by Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak. We've already seen that Alpha Flight and Ares are coming back to life - is this the same thing? Marvel have yet to tell us what this teaser is for, but we hear rumours of a Chaos War: X-Men two-issue miniseries on the horizon. Drawn by Carlo Pagulayan, we're interested to see where this goes, and how it'll differ from the recent 'Necrosha' event.

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limerick said...

NMice work,little dude.....I enjoyed having a troll through this.....(troll,geddit--just kidding)