Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lame! Frankencastle Reaches an End

If you know us then you'll know that we enjoyed Frankencastle a lot more than we ever enjoyed the Punisher. Which is why we now have to bring you the sad news that Frankencastle.... is dying. Come Frankencastle #21 he will be no more, replaced by a new, young, boring Punisher once more. He's going out with a bang, though, as we mentioned previously - Elsa Bloodstone and Morbius are tagging along for the final issue of the series, so we're assured a bit of fun before the brooding guy walks back into our lives.

Punisher makes his proper return in a miniseries following the finale of Frankencastle, called 'Punisher: In The Blood'. Also written by Rick Remender, the five-issue miniseries will feature both the return of Roland Boschi on art duties and the the two Jigsaws. That's right, Punisher-fan! Not only is the current Jigsaw showing up, but the ORIGINAL Jigsaw will also appear. Back from the dead. So they'll be causing trouble in New York which can only be solved by shooting people zzzz. Not to knock the creative team, of course! But you can only flog a dead horse for so long before some kind of wildlife authority shows up to arrest you.

At the end of In The Blood, Remender plans to leave the series. Pitch for a Morbius ongoing, Rick!!


Whitley V. said...

That's a lovely cover.

KiraXD said...

who drew this?!

Seresecros said...

The cover's by Francesco Mattina.