Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Dead Avengers Reassemble

Possibly, literally. That's right, folks! Fred Van Lente's new Avengers team, much teased about, are unique because they're all dead. In a miniseries which ties in to the 'Chaos Wars' mini-event based around Hercules, Van Lente will gather together a group of former Avengers who have all died, and give them one last go at being heroic and that.

The team, as you can see above, are headlined by Vision and Captain Marvel, two of Marvel's most popular dead characters. Doctor Druid will also return, alongside Swordsman, Yellowjacket II, and Deathcry. Along with these characters, Van Lente also promises that many dead characters may pop up in Chaos Wars itself - hinting Ares in particular. But back to the dead team! Chaos Wars sees Mikaboshi (an evil God) destroying parts of reality, in order to delete the Universe - and that means everywhere is in the firing line. Even the afterlife. As a result, the dead may well start walking the Earth again, which is where Captain Marvs, Vision, and the rest all come in handy.

Mkikaboshi has set up a threat who very specifically will target the Avengers, which makes it very handy that now there will be a third team of Avengers helping out the living heroes. Who is this villain, you may ask? None other than The Grim Reaper! Van Lente points out that most of the heroes on the team died in tragic or dishonourable circumstances, making this a chance for them to redeem themselves. And who else could possibly draw such a story, but Tom Grummett? The miniseries, which lasts for three issues, will start in November.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Bill Willingham writes new limited series for Marv-- wait, Bill Willingham?

Yes, title of this article! Bill Willingham! The writer of Fables has jumped over to Marvel for a little bit, in order to clamber onto the Thor train, hurtling straight to comic-book stores worldwide. Wow, what an awful sentence that one was. Just awful. But at least the basic facts were all true -- Bill Willingham will, in November, be writing a limited series for Marvel. Not only a limited series, but a limited series which ties in to Thor! The latest character Marvel are pushing right into the limelight. But even better than that, Bill Willingham is writing a limited series about some of Thor's supporting cast, instead of boring ol' Thor himself!

Alright, we'll just come out with it. He's writing a 'Warriors Three' limited series, featuring yes, all three of the Warriors. Three. Volstagg and those two other ones nobody knows (Hogun and Fandral, apparently) will be the stars of the show for once, instead of being limited to stealing every scene they are in. The story will see them face up to monsters from Hel, because at the moment every Thor story seems to want to write about that place. Joining Willingham will be Neil Edwards, which in itself is an exciting event. The cover, by Salva Espin, looks like this:

Saturday, 14 August 2010


What's better than a She-Hulk? Two She-Hulks! Dunno where the third one's got to, but maybe Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman might have an idea. Marvel have finally announced a new She-Hulk ongoing series -- except the twist, that this time we've got two She-Hulks running around at once. The Shulkies are Jennifer Walters (the real one) and Lyja (Fred Van Lente's creation). It looks like the series will be more like Dan Slott's run than Peter David's, which pleases and tickles us simultaneously.

Here's the official release:

Prepare to see green as She-Hulks #1 hits comic shops everywhere this November! Spinning out of World War Hulks, rising-stars Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman bring fans the incredible alliance of the Sensational She-Hulk Jen Walters and Lyra the Savage She-Hulk! When the fugitive members of the Intelligencia escape, this gamma-fueled duo are hot on their tails to make them pay for their crimes against humanity! Klaw, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, Trapster, and Wizard tried to take over the world but now they must answer to the She-Hulks. Filled to the brim with non-stop action and covers by superstar artist Ed McGuiness, fans can’t miss this exciting new series that will send shockwaves throughout the entire Hulk landscape!

All very well and good, Marvel, but WHERE IS AWESOME ANDY??

Friday, 13 August 2010

How Do Your Replace Daredevil?

That's the question Marvel are asking readers at the moment, as they seem to be really pushing the idea that Matt Murdoch is going to be taking his last-ever pirouette off a dark church steeple at the end of the Shadowland storyline. If you don't believe us, look at this picture:

Last time Marvel published something like that, it was because they were about to kill off Ultimate Wolverine during the Ultimatum storyline. So who will they choose to replace Matt? Well, they've handily given us five choices to pick from. One of the choices is Kraven the Hunter, and... no. Just no. Another choice is Nova, who is incredibly overpowered so no to him as well. The other three choices... well, we only like one of them, but they're at least a bit more in-line with the ethos and dark nature of the Daredevil titles. Let's see who might "Adorn The Horns" (TRADEMARK COMICS VANGUARD).

Is it going to be Gambit?! The X-Man has turned to the dark side repeatedly, recently, as his brainwashing at the hands of Apocalypse seems to be creeping back upon him. Currently a part of Mike Carey's X-Men: Legacy series, he's recently been edged out of the spotlight by the new positioning of the series as a place to develop the personalities of the New X-Men. There's not even any sign of him in the series at the moment, as Rogue has jetted off to India without him. Does this mean that Gambit's going to take some time off and head to Hell's Kitchen?

Or maybe the former Black Panther, T'Challa, is going to take over? Doomwar trashed Wakanda and forced the character to evaporate all traces of Vibranium - the element which made Wakanda so powerful economically and military...ily - from the planet. He's got no purpose now, as his sister is still Black Panther. And his wife, Storm? She will NOT stop bugging him about moving to California. Will he make an NYC stop-off on the way to SanFran?

OR will we see TOTALLY AWESOME COMVAN FAVOURITE Falcon take over for Daredevil? Sam Wilson is like, one of the best characters Marvel has, and he might well be about to get a push if he appears in the Captain America film. What better place to start than here? Frankly, we will be furious if anyone apart from him gets the job. This is the man for the role, Diggle! Hear us now!

Invaders Must Retry

Invaders Now!, the new story featuring Alex Ross' very most favourite superhero team, comes out soon. And we have neglected to tell you anything about it! What a terrible website you must think us to be. Well never fear, here are some pointers as to what you can expect in September when the series, written by Ross and Christos Gage but written solely by hunky young Christo, comes out.
The Invaders were a superhero team who assembled during WWII to fight Nazis. We're talking about Steve Rogers, Namor, The Human Torch, and.... some other ones. Mike Carey recently wrote a maxiseries for The Human Torch which presumably brought him back to life, and Ed Brubaker has critically-acclaimedly been writing about the return of Steve Rogers for months now. So what better time to reunite the three and get them to fight 'a mysterious force from the past'??

The series will also feature the former Bucky Barnes (well, he's still technically Bucky Barnes we suppose, but still) who is now the current Captain America. Whether he'll join the team or simply set them off on their adventure is uncertain, though, just like many of the details about the series so far. It's set in current times, and is in continuity, and is definitely drawn by Caio Reiss. Apart from that, we don't know very much about it -- what's bugging us most currently is the identity of the green bloke. WHO IS THE GREEN BLOKE?? Issue #1 comes out next month.

Marvel Think of a Third Way to Astonish you

It's the Law that every great blog has to take a break after it writes 150 dazzling articles of substance and wit, and whilst we have so far only made it 18 dazzlers, we certainly have posted 150 pieces. Nobody here is claiming that ComVan is the best site ever (ALTHOUGH YOU LOT SHOULD DEFINITELY TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS THAT WE ARE) but it seemed only fitting that we take advantage of this Law and have a break, complete with lilo and the occasional trip to Dorset. While we've been gone, so many things have happened! Marvel's Astonishing Line is set to grow from two titles to three in November, for example.

Already on the books are Astonishing X-Men and Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine, and joining them will be Astonishing... Thor, a limited series set just after the carnage of Seige when Thor was at one of his lowest points. Ignoring the rest of current continuity, the series will 'dance between the raindrops' as it tells a story of - and we quote this - 'extreme importance'. The series is obviously another story designed to catch film-fans after the Thor movie comes out, but the creative team - Rob Rodi and Mike Choi - suggests that this will be a story designed to catch film-fans after the Thor movie comes out which is also quite good! The covers will be by Esad Ribic, and here's what the first one looks like:

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Can't think of anything much to say about this one


Red Hulk has joined The Avengers! The news came through about five years ago, but we've decided to tell you about it anyway. As revealed at SDCC, the newest member of The Avengers that Bendis was seasing us all about has turned out to be General Ross. Or more accurately, it's the giant red man he turns into on occasion - Rulk. Red Hulk. Whatever you want to call him. We cannot tell you how relieved we are that Bendis' roster finally has a powerhouse on the books, as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine really weren't doing it for us.

Oh, and Spider-Woman, Hawkeye. *Snort* They're in the team too, still.

Here's a picture from John Romita Jr, which basically tells you everything we just have.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hope Summers gets her own Generation

Hope Summers, the single most interesting character in all the X-Men books right now, will be the focus of a new series coming out in November. Called 'Generation Hope', the series will focus not just on her, but on the characters slowly being unveiled by Matt Fraction in the current Uncanny X-Men storyline 'Five Lights'. In this story, mutants are starting to return to the World after being all-but wiped out by Scarlet Witch after the House of M storyline. The first one has just been found, and her powers were somehow jump-started by Hope. She'll be one of the five central characters in this series.
You may remember the Greg Land teasers from a few weeks ago, which showed a different character in each one and the old 'Generation X' logo. Well, those are the five main characters in this series, which seems to be more of a spiritual successor to Generation X than an actual one. All the characters will be teenagers, operating as a severely deficient and weirdo superhuman team. Hope will presumably be their leader, as she doesn't like Cyclops and refuses to work alongside him. The series doesn't have an artist yet, but the writer - Kieron Gillen - has revealed that he worked extensively with Fraction to create these five characters, essentially revealing that the current Uncanny storyline is a giant springboard for Generation Hope.
We'll tell you this for free: at the moment we like the blue one best.

Ultimate Thor's Origin: Peace and Love, man

Jonathan Hickman is a man filled with impossible ideas. So when it comes to finding someone to tell an interesting story about a character who is essentially a hippie Jesus, who better? In November, Hickman will start a four-issue miniseries which reveals the origin and backstory of the character, who first debuted in Mark Millar's 'Ultimates' series way back, perhaps almost a decade ago now. Originally portrayed as a Messiah figure who could well have been either a delusional madman or the Norse God of Thunder, Millar eventually revealed that Thor really was the real deal - and Hickman plans to expand upon that.

Bringing in practically every character from the Norse myths and cramming them into four issues may seem like a struggle, but Hickman insists that he not only can do this; but he can also get the Ultimates involved at some point. We're going to see Odin, Loki, and Balder, as well as several other Gods such as Heimdall and Volstagg. How this is going to work within the Ultimate Universe, which is meant to avoid magic and supernatural storylines... we have no idea. But it does seem that Hickman plans to somehow fit in a version of the Norse destruction story - Ragnarok - without making it too mad and bizarre. This coming from a man who recently sent Leonardo DaVinci forward through time to fight Galactus. We have literally no idea what he's up to, and we're very excited about it!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Groot and Rocket Raccoon Miniseries?!

Marvel's Cosmic Line has looked to be in trouble for a few months now, as 'The Thanos Imperative' was announced at the expense of the ongoing Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy series. It seemed as though Marvel was going to stop publishing Cosmic stories as soon as the Thanos event finished, leaving the other character stranded. But, now there is a little bit of hope left for fans of characters like Medusa and Ronan and Silver Surfer and all them - Marvel have announced a miniseries starting next year.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot are two fan favourites, mainly because one is a cute raccoon and the other is some kind of bizarre tree creature who only ever shouts "GROOT" at people. And come next year, they will be in charge of the new four-issue miniseries, which has yet to announce an artist. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will, of course, pen the series. Beyond that, nothing has been revealed. This may occur before The Thanos Imperative, or afterwards. It might be set in the afterlife. Nobody knows yet. We'll tell you when we find out.

Zeb Wells Reclaims Carnage

Carnage, the Spider-Man villain most see as a fine example of 90s excess, was ripped in half by The Sentry at the start of Brian Michael Bendis' run on New Avengers and left floating in space. As Carnage is a symbiote like Venom, however, this only meant that the wearer of the suit was killed, and not Carnage itself. And so this October Carnage is coming back to Marvel - but as with many of Spider-Man's old villains, with a substantial revamp.

The simply titled 'Carnage' will see the symbiote return to Earth and pick up a new host body - this time a woman, as yet unnamed by writer Zeb Wells (for it is he). Wells' five-issue miniseries will see Carnage returning to Earth to wreck some more havok, and perhaps get involved somehow with former Venom Eddie Brock, who is currently going by the identity of 'Anti-Venom'. Naturally there is only one hero who can deal with Carnage, and Spider-Man will make a hefty appearance in the mini as he attempts to stop the creature from killing too many people. Also along for the ride is Tony Stark, Iron Man.

If this all sounds rather interesting, then just look at the artwork for a moment. Look familiar? It's Clayton Crain, fresh off his run with X-Force and ready to turn his dark paintwork into something rather special. Wells promises that we'll be seeing some other symbiotes show up at some point, too, and perhaps Carnage will try to take over Tony Stark at some point. As the writer behind the revamp of The Lizard, we're pretty excited to see how Wells turns Carnage into a good character again.

Here is Ursa Major

Ursa Major is flying a Dire Wraith monster, wielding a hammer, and shouting amazing one-liners. "Hey ComVan," I hear you asking. "Where can I read more about this?"

Well, dear readers, you can read all about this in DARKSTAR & THE WINTER GUARD #3 - out this week! In two days time, find out the ultimate fate of The Winter Guard, The Protectorate, and the purple monster thingies! Hurray!

"The Avengers" film gets a cast, director

Marvel have been waiting to announce this for years now. Joining up the dots of their Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies will be, in 2012, The Avengers! A movie which sees Mark Ruffalo take over as Bruce Banner, Robert Downey Jr continue his role as Iron Man, Chris Emsworth's Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America. Not only that, but Samuel L Jackson playing Nick Fury and Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow. And not only that, because Jeremy Renner will play Hawkeye!

It's a big cast, and let's not leave out Clark Gregg, who will play SHIELD agent Phil Coulson. Only a very few people could ever handle all those characters in one film - and luckily for Marvel one of those people has decided to take on the job: Joss Whedon will write and direct the movie!

SDCC: Spider-Man Gets A Permanent Slott

At Sand Diego, a town mostly known for it's long dry areas of arid desolation, not much happens besides a few zoos and the occasional lost gay tourist looking for San Francisco. But not so for one week every year, when the comic-book industry descends upon this poor forgotten village in search of fans, fame, and fortune. The Sand Diego ComicCon saw Marvel bring along a tonne of writers and artists, all intent on releasing some sizzling new details on the future of the company. Taking over almost a half of all the shanty huts Sand Diego provided them, the Marvel section of the ComicCon was without doubt the most exciting place to be: everyone who is anyone in comics journalism was there. We were in Majorca.

The biggest story from SDCC was probably the news that as of issue #648, Amazing Spider-Man is going to leave behind the long-running 'Brand New Day' branding, becoming a twice-monthly series written solely by writer Dan Slott. After about a hundred issues which have seen details slowly leak out about what happened during 'One More Day', in which Peter Parker dissolved his wedding in order to save his dying Aunt May, this chapter in the character's history will be closed and left behind - which hopefully means they'll soon answer everything about what happened. The first storyline of this new branding will be called 'The Big Time', and show Peter Parker finally starting to get his life back on track. Slott promises that he'll have a new job, a new girlfriend, and even a new costume. It seems like the costume will look something like this:

Yes, that's the artwork of one Humberto Ramos, who has finally been given another full-time series by Marvel. The brilliant Ramos will be joined by two further great artists, Stefano Caselli (from Secret Warriors) and Marcos Martin (from... Amazing Spider-Man). All three artists will rotate on the title, which is good news because each issue will now feature 30 guaranteed pages of content. Whilst this may sometimes mean 22 pages of lead story and a backup, more often than not the main storyline will be thirty pages long. So we'll get about sixty new pages every month - the almost-equivalent of the current three-monthly release schedule.

It seems that we'll be enjoying the return of a few old villains, too, as the Hobgoblin will appear in the initial Ramos-drawn storyline, with a possible Scorpion appearance further down the line. Details are, as ever, still being held back from us as Dan Slott attempts to keep things as secret as a very secret thing indeed. But you can expect to see the usual characters turning up in supporting roles - Aunt May, Mary-Jane, etc. In many ways, it's almost as if Spider-Man never met the devil at all!