Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Red Hulk to Fight Robots, Gremlins, Robots with Boobs

The above image by Ed McGuinness (who was also resonsible for the 'Death of Spider-Man' cover you cans ee below) reveals the new cast of villains created by writer Jeff Parker and artist Gabriel Hardman for the ongoing Hulk series, which still focuses on the exploits of Red Hulk, General Ross. As you can see from the picture, the characters are set to debut in January's .1 issue, before taking a shot at Rulk in the issues to come. Let's take a look at these four.

The first one in the top left appears to be the only non-robotic one. If we're being honest, it looks like a werewolf Doctor Doom with a gremlin face, and vampire teeth. Let's call him Gary. Gary the Grempirewolf. He doesn't look too imposing at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see what he's like.

The Robot Woman seems like she should've been drawn by Frank Cho, what with those very distracting boobs what she has. Her arm appears to have morphed into a gun to shoot Rulk with, which makes it seem that she will be like the female Terminator from the average Terminator 3 movie. Or to make a better comparison in Marvel terms, the female Ultron who appeared in Brian Michael Bendis' Mighty Avengers run.

The other two are both people in robot suits. These characters are usually fun but anonymous, which makes it a smart move to put one of them in a 'cockpit' window so we can see their face. This guy, Barry, is holding a radio in one hand, so it's a sure bet that he's either calling in for backup from the rest of a similarly-armoured outfit, or from the army. He is probably a morally right character who is getting way too angry in pursuit of a defeated Rulk. The big shiny guy at the top? Anyone's guess. It could be a boy or a girl, or a CENTAUR.

Fingers crossed that it's a robotic centaur.


Cyclonus said...

Hey there, very funny stuff! Since last year when Parker took over there has been a lot of discussion about these guys. For quite a while now, the guy in the suit is known as General Fortean and is a General that blames Red for the death of Ross. This will bring Red into the Hulk stories of old being hunted by the army. The chick is someone from the very first Red story from last year written by Parker. The other robot is actually a robot and was introduced a few issues ago as an Omegex, an ancient destroyer unleashed by the Watcher.

Steve Morris said...

The Watcher? You mean, Uatu The Watcher? We haven't been keeping up with Red Hulk, but if it turns out Uatu has been showing up then maybe we'll have to start paying attention once more!