Thursday, 28 April 2011

Marvel Announcing Some Kind of MMO Today

HOLD UP you guys. What the heck is an MMO? Well google tells us that an MMO is a "massively multiplayer online". Now let's take a moment to try and wrap our heads around this horrific piece of internet grammar what is presented in front of us right now. Apparently the phrase correlates to an online game where hundreds and hundreds of people can play simultaneously. We're talking World of Warcraft type stuff, here. The sort of stuff played by nerds, Felicia Day, and the nerds who want to meet Felicia Day. And now it turns out that Marvel are doing one.

After setting up a Twitter account a few days ago, Marvel have started offering hints as to who will be writing the story to this game. And, pretty much, the very first few clues openly revealed it to be Brian Michael Bendis.

Clue 1: Fan of Namor
Clue 2: Has won five Eisner awards
Clue 3: Why do you need any more clues this is blatantly Brian Michael Bendis.


darknessatnoon said...

Fan of Namor really cuts it down.

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