Thursday, 21 April 2011

Phil Noto is all up in this

Phil Noto, the artist who this week completes his run on the four issue "Wolverine and Jubilee" miniseries by Kathryn Immonen, has recently been getting a lot of internet attention. First he leapt into the middle of a debate between Marjorie Liu and Gail Simone about if Black Widow could take Black Canary in a fight (she could) by posting this image. And now he's jumped onto the X-Men: First Class in-joke that's been circulating for the past few months. It's been an open joke on the internet that the marketing and advertisements for the forthcoming "X-Men: First Class" movie hasn't been exactly stellar. So, apropos of a little suggestion from fellow ComVan favourite Jamie McKelvie, Noto designed and posted this image.

Amazing. The best poster we've seen for the movie. Buy this image and put it up in cinemas, FOX!


Anonymous said...

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