Monday, 9 May 2011

The 100 Greatest X-Men, #100 - #96

Presented by the staff of Comics Vanguard. For reference, the staff of Comics Vanguard is one guy. Based on a five-second look through google, this type of list has only ever been attempted ONCE before. And now, it’s going to be perfected. Are you ready to see the Top 100 X-Men of All Time? There are going to be some surprises in this list, y’know (which will be updated with five more results every Monday and Friday at midnight). The first surprise?

100: Psylocke

A wonderful British character who, three bodies later, has lost any sense of personality. While it’s nice that the X-Men are representin’ for Asians nowadays, the fact that she’s secretly white on the inside makes Psylocke an extremely iffy character in terms of race and costume. Is she a valued member of the X-Men, or a pair of legs with purple hair? A complex question which we can inevitably answer with the word yes. She looks good on covers, but Elisabeth Braddock has only ever been a drain on her teammates.

99: Huggernaut

The Huggernaut is the alter-ego of Cain Marko – who usually calls himself The Juggernaut. Marko is Xavier’s half-brother, and the two have traditionally been enemies as Xavier want to rationally explore the reasons society has rejected mutants and Marko is a one-dimensional character who likes smashing things. However, Chuck Austen decided that it was time to sort out this character and give him some development – which led us to the Huggernaut. After being saved from death by the X-Men, Juggernaut decided to give up on the smashing and finally try to do something good with his life. He’s since reneged on this plan, but at least he managed to beat up Alpha Flight before he went evil again.

98: J. Jonah Jameson

A surprising liberal, JJJ may dislike costumed superheroes but he has never been anything but supportive to the mutant cause. Back during the days of Operation Zero Tolerance, he worked tirelessly to try and bring down the anti-mutant psycho Graydon Creed. If only the rest of the X-Men were as smart as their friend Jonah, then surely they would have stopped being hated by the rest of the World right now.

97: Namor

Namor’s only recently joined the X-Men, in part because he fancies Emma Frost and in part because Marvel have been struggling to promote him as a solo character. Namor is the King of Atlantis, as you may well known, and has little fairy wings on his ankles. While powerful generally, his strength increases whenever he’s in a body of water. Nobody has ever investigated what would happen if he drank a load of alcohol, but presumably it’d weaken him like an Essex girl. Namor continues to help out the X-Men even today, although he usually makes them beg for it first.

96: Thornn

The sister of fellow X-Men member Feral, Thornn is notable in the sense that Stephen is the most notable member of the Baldwin family. But while she may not have the fame of her rampant sister, she has still proved herself to be an important member of the mutant race. For one thing, she’s never been partially eaten by Sabretooth, and that has to be counted as a positive thing. For another, she’s been in X-Force and the X-Corporation, and played a hefty role in Marrow’s origin story. Always standing just out the limelight, Thornn’s successes and massive, massive failures fit her just inside the top hundred.


Anonymous said...

Better than IGN (so far)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing

Anonymous said...

What's nr. 100 doing on this list?

Yusuf said...

WHat a joke. Betsy should be Top 15 at least!

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