Thursday, 26 May 2011

David Gallaher reveals his original 'Darkstar & The Winter Guard' pitch

So it's well known that Comics Vanguard is the first place to go for any Winter Guard-related stories. And today proves no exception, friends and alliances! For we have a story so amazing that nobody else on the internet has reported it. Until now!

You may remember Darkstar & The Winter Guard, the best Marvel comic released last year. In that story, the Winter Guard battled with traitors and Dire Wraiths, ultimately forming a core team of four characters who all have an iconic background. Ursa Major, Darkstar, Vanguard and Dimitri (the most well-known Crimson Dynamo pilot) were the team as of the end of the series - whose main ambition, it now appears, was to bring back the original Darkstar and reverse her death during Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men. But! This was not the original storyline pitched by Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis. The original pitch for the miniseries...

Has been revealed!! The original idea was to start the story immediately in the aftermath of Necrosha, the event which brought many deceased mutant characters temporarily back to life. Darkstar was among the zombies walking around, although ultimately every one of the dead characters was returned to the grave after the storyline concluded. If the original Darkstar/Winter Guard pitch had been approved, we would've seen more of the Necrosha aftermath! Not only would Darkstar have kept her body and remained alive - her brother Vanguard would've joined her, and the pair were to have teamed up to get sinister revenge upon Fantomex, the man who killed her.

Amazing! Sadly the scheduling didn't work out, Gallaher reveals, because otherwise we might've had an entirely different miniseries, this time wandering round the X-Men Universe instead of simply the outer Marvel Universe. Would other members of the X-Men have come back to life? Would we have seen a Darkstar/Fantomex fight the likes of which have never been recorded in comic-book form before? Would Ursa Major have still flown on a giant alien and wielded a hammer? We may never know, although we strongly suspect that Banshee would've come back to life as part of the storyline.

But at least now we know that Fantomex's days are numbered, just as soon as David Gallaher takes over on Uncanny X-Force...

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