Monday, 16 May 2011

It's Nathan Fillion Time

Marvel have just announced a new graphic novel project, which will be released in September. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, the novel will not only be an all-new detective story - it'll be based on the hit TV show 'Castle', starring Nathan Fillion.

But it's a bit tricker than that. Instead of the graphic novel being based off the TV show, it's instead based off the "Derrick Storm" property. Within the TV show, Nathan Fillion's character 'Richard Castle' is a crime writer. Derrick Storm is the central character of Richard Castle's most successful line of novels. So what we're seeing here is a comic based on a novel which doesn't exist written by a fictional television character played by Nathan Fillion in the real TV series Castle.

Does that make sense? Well, who cares. At heart, this is an exciting detective story scripted by DeConnick, presumably plotted by Bendis, and drawn by LAN MEDINA. Yes! Lan Medina is continuing to work at Marvel, and that's thoroughly exciting. The 112 page hardcover novel is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of Castle, making this the most confusing meta-commentary on novelwriting ever seen. But is it more confused than my sexual feelings about Nathan Fillion?



Anonymous said...

MMmmmmm. Nathan Fillon.

The bizarre-ness of the whole thing is enticing. Do you think Richard Castle writes like Bendis?

David H. said...

this guy really should have been Hal Jordan in the GL movie coming out next month.

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