Monday, 9 May 2011

The New Mutants head to Asgard

The New Mutants return to their own title this week, as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's run on the series begins with issue #25. Marvel are already starting to look ahead, however, which is why we can reveal that in four months' time from now, the New Mutants will be going to Asgard. Yes, we know what you're asking. "ComVan, is this going to be yet another tie-in to Fear Itself?"

Why, of course it is. This is not only going to be a tie-in to Fear Itself, but a tie-in which Matt Fraction may even reference during the main series itself! That's pretty big to the team, even if it only means they're going to have a cameo one-panel appearance in a big splash fight near the end of the event. Abnett and Lanning are going back to the ongoing plot-point whereby one-time Valkyrie and current New Mutants team leader Dani Moonstar heads over to Asgard to help her fellow Norse gods when they're in trouble. Last time she went to the Siege battle and helped out by herself - this time she's taking the rest of the team with her. That's why they've armoured-up on the cover. You may notice that the team are one blonde woman short - this is because Kieron Gillen is going to steal Magik during Fear Itself, and feature her in Uncanny X-Men alongside Colossus.

Drawn by David LaFuente, the New Mutants tie-in to Fear Itself begins with issue #29.

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Mutty said...

You forgot to mention the novelty of the New Mutants being in Asgard. Almost as novel as them going to Limbo.