Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fan-Made 'Namor' Defenders Promo Surfaces

The announcement of Matt Fraction/Terry Dodson's 'Defenders' revival was built up for weeks before finally being revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. And the biggest surprise for fans was that Namor was indeed going to return to his original team - despite being left off all the promotional work. While Stephen Strange and Iron Fist got posters, and Hulk was teased despite not actually being listed as a member of the squad, Namor was left high-and-dry (a state which would sap him of his powers, fact-fans). Where is the justice for the King of Atlantis? Step in Namor fan Finganforn, who leapt to his computer in protest and rigged up this excellent Namor teaser!

A worthy addition to the cast, yeah? Consider yourselves served, Marvel's marketing department!

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