Monday, 25 July 2011

Hey apparently Superior is still going

In surprise news which the internet has mostly ignored, the final part of Mark Millar's shock-the-conservatives trio of books is still being put out. Leinil Francis Yu recently skipped out on the series in order to focus on New Ultimates Vs Ultimate Avengers, and most people assumed the series was over forever and got on with their lives. But no! Yu is now back on the title, despite apparently drawing 'Supercrooks' for Millar which must presumably be released at some point this year, right? So this means in October Marvel are going to release two issues of the series - which has now reached something like five issues in a little over a year. Here's the cover for one of the issues, which features Superior flying around and that.

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The O.A.W. said...

I forgot this book even existed. Thanks for the news.