Saturday, 23 July 2011

Punisher "will not speak" for three issues

We like to report things in a slightly different way sometimes, so when Greg Rucka revealed that Frank Castle would not say a single thing for the first three issues of his Punisher reboot we simply had to talk about it with you all. Much has been made in the past of the way writers like Garth Ennis refuse to humanise Punisher for long stretches of time, instead using the character as a force of nature who sweeps in on criminals and kills them off for good. Now, we don't really care about Frank Castle whatsoever - as far as we're concerned the character mainly exists as wish-fulfillment for aggressive comic-book fans, and there's barely any merit to the depiction of the character over the years. He is simplistic, always has been, and always will be. Jason Aaron may well flesh him out over in PunisherMAX, but the regular Punisher is just a guy in a black shirt, who kills people.

So that's why Greg Rucka's statement of intent was so interesting for us. By refusing to reveal anything about Castle's motivations or thoughts - not one thought bubble or narrative caption will he have - it looks like the book is going to have a far different feel to any Punisher comic released before. And that's good. Because Punisher is boring as hell. Perhaps if Rucka can pass over the mindlessness of the central character and express himself instead through the villains and supporting cast, we'll have a Punisher book which actually deserves publication?


darknessatnoon said...

Don't tell us what you really think for three posts.

The O.A.W. said...

No. This series won't last past issue 12. The Punisher is a simplistic character, who is nothing more than a mass murderer in a black skull t-shirt.