Saturday, 23 July 2011

So, the X-Men

The X-Men were a large presence in San Diego yesterday, with writers like Chris Yost and Marjorie Liu going onstage to discuss the new "Regenesis" direction and what the aftermath for Jason Aaron's 'Schism' event will be like. While X-23 is going to be busy seemingly killing everyone in the FF and Mike Carey's X-Men Legacy team will be out in space rescuing Polaris, Havok and Rachel Grey, it looks like Cyclops is going to suffer from some very bad luck.

X-Men: Regenesis is a one-shot which bridges the gap between the end of Schism and the start of Uncanny X-Men #1/Wolverine and the X-Men #1, with Kieron Gillen writing a story drawn by Billy Tan. The cover seems to suggest that Cyclops will soon be living up to his codename:

Following the one shot, Gillen's Uncanny X-Men will debut, with EMMA FROST revealed as the team leader (and not Cyclops! Intrigue!) alongside some shadowy blanked-out figures who seem to resemble Magneto, Danger, and Magik, among others. Uncanny X-Men will also be written by Gillen, with Greg Land and Carlos Pacheco sharing art duties. Here's the cover for issue #1. Who do you see? Guess wildly, internet!

Jason Aaron's Wolverine And The X-Men Series will start off with Chris Bachalo on art before Nick Bradshaw shows up for the second arc (AMAZING duo of artists there! Probably the best art team on any Marvel book right now). There's a similarly blacked-out cover for issue #1 online right now, and it looks like this. Again, speculate as wildly as you can:

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Hapahiro said...

I think I can make out Dazzler's silhouette in both line-ups. Because, you know, I imagine Dazzler in all that I see.