Sunday, 16 October 2011

Jean Grey Rumours Swirl

This is an image you may have seen circulated around your local comic-book store, or the internet. Teasing the Cup O' Joe Panel last night, it apparently was revealed to be connected to some kind of Phoenix story which will begin in the oversized 'Point One' one-shot issue coming soon. Interestingly though, the creative team behind this story are both massive and fairly random. Matt Fraction and Jason Aaron are two of the writers, and at least they have recent experience with writing about the Phoenix. But then the other three Marvel 'Architects' - Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, and Brian Michael Bendis - are also linked to the story. Which seems bizarre, because surely the Phoenix story belongs to the X-Offices, and specifically to Kieron Gillen and James Asmus?

Oliver Coipel, Andy Kubert, and John Romita Jr. are the artists attached to the project. What, no room for Jamie McKelvie, who has been writing Hope Summers' Phoenix-based story on and off for the past four years or so? This is simultaneously an interesting approach to event stories and a fairly madcap collection of people to set on the book.

Unless.... something else is going on here. Architects build worlds, after all. What if Marvel have been broadcasting something openly for months now, and nobody has managed to pick up on it yet?

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treysome said...

It the right time for Jean to come back