Sunday, 16 October 2011

NYCC: Scattershot DC News

DC haven't been slouching during NYCC, although their news hasn't been as widely reported as Marvel's stuff. So let's run down a few of the the things DC have revealed over the past few days, shall we? Yes, let's shall.

Frankensten: Agent of Shade and O.M.A.C. will begin a crossover starting with issues #5, in January. The first official crossover storyline of the New 52, it appears that this one may focus extensively on the two giant protagonists punching each other repeatedly.

Issue #5 of Aquaman may not feature giant monsters punching each other, but will see the the bescaled blonde dropped into the middle of a desert, left to fend for himself.

But the big news so far is the reveal that SHAZAM will be returning to the DC Universe next year, as Geoff Johns and Gary Frank take on the character. Although this is going to be restricted to a back-up feature in Justice League for the first few months, reader response may upgrade it to an ongoing. Titled "The Curse of Shazam", this storyline will feature Billy Batson as Captain Marvel. No news yet on Tawky Tawny, but you can rest assured that we're sending out spies to the DC offices even as we speak. The fans demand talking tigers!

And in sadder news, DC have confirmed that Superman's super-dog Krypto didn't make it to Earth alive, in the new continuity.

RIP Krypto.

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Michael said...

Why does Shazam get a wait-and-see, while they give books to such nothings as Captain Atom, Mr. Terrific, and OMAC?