Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Psylocke Is A Fraud!! and other stories

Noted actor and writer Kurt Braunohler is one of a number of creative artisans recruited by Marvel to work on "Shame Itself", an upcoming tie-in literary piece to Matt Fraction's 'Fear Itself' event storyline. With a cover by Skottie Young and writing from hot talents Wyatt Cenac and (friend of the site) Elliot Kalan, this one-shot promises to truly delve into the heart of the Marvel universe and see what makes the heroes tick. The issue will jump from character to character, giving us quick insight into different people around the MU.

We bring up Kurt Braunohler in particular as Marvel have today released a preview image from the comic which reveals the creation of an in-universe, canonical magazine called 'Marvelous' - the cover of which was written by Braunohler. This magazine offers some startling insights into the World of Marvel - as seen below

Alongside the reveal that Jean Grey considers herself to be certifiably insane is the news that the body-swapping, racially-dubious 'Psylocke' - one of the X-Men - doesn't do any exercise. Instead of working hard to give herself the supermodel figure she gets paid for, she uses her psychic powers to trick her body into thinking it has exercised. Through this cheating manoeuvre, she has offered Frank Cho, Greg Land and several other artists the opportunity to really show what they're made of. But it's all a lie! The moment she stops thinking about exercise, her body will rumble and break free, revealing herself to be a fattie!

Truly a sensational slice of characterisation from Braunohler, and one which we're sure will feature into Regenesis at some point. Canon!

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