Tuesday, 15 November 2011

DC Reboot Darkseid's Tunic

The solicitations for DC's February-debuting titles have been released, and we'll be scouring through them with all the fine attention of a gold-sifting hick in due course. For the moment though, let's focus on the primary concern brought up by Jim Lee's cover for Justice League #5 - Darkseid's skirt/tunic thing is a victim of the "Krypto Curse". That is to say, it has vanished into limbo.

Now, we're all for villains wearing skirts - it certainly worked for William Wallace. So the fact that DC have removed one of their most proudly man-dressed-as-a-woman characters from continuity, and replaced him with this stern, thigh high boots-less figure, is both worrying and, actually, perhaps for the best. Anyway, let's move on. I'm sure the solicitation for Catwoman #5 will be offensive somehow, so let's go catch up on that.

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