Monday, 30 January 2012

Mike Allred uses Comics Vanguard to trick Jill Thompson into drawing Madman for him

When we posted a short piece about all the great writers and artists who are contributing to Madman's 20th Anniversary Spectacular, we didn't realise at the time that what we were actually doing was creating a cosmic allignment. After posting the piece to the site, it was then picked up by our twitter feed, and went off into internet immortality. The tweet promoting the article promoting the comic was picked up by Mike Allred himself, the creator of Madman, and he retweeted it to his significantly larger fanbase.

One of the people who read that was Jill Thompson, artist and writer for many books, including Sandman, The Invisibles, and many othes. Jill Thompson is many things - an artist, fan of Kitty Pryde (she drew the Kitty Pryde story in the brilliant "X-Men: Origins" anthology book) and according to her twitter feed a massive supporter of the WWE. But one thing she is NOT, is in the list of creators who are contributing to Madman's 20th Special. Which she duly mentioned to Mr Allred.

That gave Mike the opportunity he needed, and he leaped in like some kind of quick brown fox. Grabbing hold of his keyboard like a man possessed, he sent her a reply which burned with the power of fifteen suns.


So you guys. When you next check in on Jill Thompson, and you find she's drawn something amazing for Madman... remember who inadvertently got it to happen, yeah? Comics Vanguard sort-of had a slight possible hand in proceedings almost maybe, and YOU ARE MOST WELCOME INDEED.

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