Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hopey and Shadows

Valiant have released yet another teaser (they really just don't stop, and it's excellent work from whoever their PR person is) today, this time revealing the reappearance of Shadowman.

It's meant to be hard to see. 

My knowledge of Shadowman is exclusively limited to his classic game for the N64, where he was friends with an Irish bone snake (not a euphemism) and stole a lot of ideas from Jacob's Ladder. It's a book about a voodoo warrior, essentially, and he uses jazz to fight evil spirits. There's no indication as to whether this is a cameo appearance or a new series -- given his popularity, my GUESS would be a series -- but it's yet another reminder that Valiant exists, and are going strong. Also, they they've managed to reclaim the franchise after it was handled by Acclaim Studios. Will Turok be next? Or is that still under lock and key?

In other news. After being fairly disappointed with The Dark Knight Rises, I decided to finally listen to the internet and buy the first volume of Love and Rockets from OK Comics in Leeds. Expect thoughts once I finish!

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