Friday, 10 August 2012

This Week: Black Panther, Mobsters, Doop and Hepzibah

What have I been up to this week, loves?

I wrote about the break-up of Black Panther and Storm, and got shouted at a lot in the comments

Reviewed Joshua Williamson's Masks and Mobsters comic from Monkeybrain

Doop Alert!!

Hepzibah Alert!!!

Teamed up with Paul Brian McCoy to cautiously delve into Howard Chaykin's Black Kiss II

Took a look at all the new Marvel NOWWWWW titles coming out in November and made up a fake teaser for Pixie Strikes Back II

Pondered about Marvel playing trades with their film rights

And came SO close to pushing Simon Spurrier into writing an ongoing Pixie series, you guys

1 comment:

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