Saturday, 26 October 2013

A List of Comic Book Podcasts

I've decided to bring all the Comic Book Podcasts that are out there and compile them all into a single blog post, here. Please let me know which podcasts I'm missing out on, and I'll add them to the list! I'll link to the sites rather than a specific feed, because I know a lot of people don't like using Apple.

I'm not saying these are all excellent podcasts.... just that they are out there, they exist, and maybe you'll like 'em.

11 O'Clock Comics
Hosted by Chris, Vince, David and Jason

3 Chicks Review Comics
Hosted by Kelly Thompson (from CBR) and Sue (from DC Women Kicking Ass)

ACME Wave Projector
A comics podcast network with several shows

Alternate Cover
Hosted by James Hunt and Seb Patrick

Awesomed By Comics
Hosted by Evie and Aaron. Currently on hiatus

Radio [BAMF]
Hosted by Lucas, Bert, and Sarah. "News, views, and odd points"!

Big Planet
Hosted by the Big Planet Comics store

Chasing Amazing
Hosted by Mark Ginocchio. Focusing on Spider-Man.

Comics Addiction
Hosted by Chris Partin, DeWayne Feenstra and Joe Mulv

Comic Book Club
Hosted by Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben. A live show held in New York

Comic Book Queers
Hosted by Steve Rebarcak

Comic Books Are Burning in Hell
Hosted by Tucker Stone and Joe McCulloch.

Comic Geek Speak
Hosted by Bryan Deemer and Peter Rios

Comic News Insider
Hosted by Jimmy Aquino

Hosted by Justin A

Comics Experience
Hosted by Andy Schmidt. A craft and advice podcast.

Comics Therapy
Hosted by Aaron Meyers and Andrea Shockling

Hosted by Tony and Corey

Hosted by Dave Convery

Hosted by Kieron Gillen.

Deconstructing Comics
Hosted by Tim Young, Kumar Sivasubramanian and Mulele Jarvis

Double Page Spread
Hosted by Wendi Freeman

Everything Comes Back to 2000AD
Hosted by Stacey Whittle. Focusing on, obviously, 2000AD

Hosted by Derek, Brian and Mike

Fatman on Batman
Hosted by Kevin Smith. Focused on Batman.

Fight for Comics
Hosted by Bryton Sampson, Jonas Wilkinson, Sean Black, and Sean Leslie

Flame On!
Hosted by Oral, Eric, Bryan, Jarrod, and 'The Question'

Geek Syndicate
Hosted by Barry Nugent and David Monteith

Giant Size
Hosted by Moises Chiullan

Give Me Comics or Give Me Death!
Hosted by Mike

Hey Kids, Comics!
Hosted by Micheal and Andrew

Hideous Energy
Hosted by David Hopkins and Austin Wilson

House to Astonish
Hosted by Al Kennedy and Paul O'Brien

Just One of the Guys
Focusing on Green Lantern.

Kids on Comics
Hosted by Don Garvey

Hosted by Josh Flanagan, Paul Montgomery, and Conor Kilpatrick

IGN Assemble
Hosted by Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey. Discontinued with episode 100.

Inkpulp Audio
Hosted by Shawn Crystal

Hosted by Robin McConnell

Inter-Comics Podcast
Hosted by Daniel Cole, Free Costin, and Jack Chambers

Irish Pubcast
Hosted by Wayne Talbot, Kim Brosnan and Darren Fahey

Hosted by Ed Casey and Mike Essl

Kray Z Comics and Stories
Hosted by Cory and Joe

Let's Talk Comics
Hosted by Jim Viscardi

Life, Leave Me Alone
Hosted by James and Matt

Hosted by Pat Loika

Make It Then Tell Everybody
Hosted by Dan Berry

Making Comics The Four Star Way
Hosted by Joshua Emmons. Currently discontinued.

Matt and Brett Love Comics!
Hosted by Matt Little and Brett White.

Mike and Pól Save the Universe!
Hosted by Mike Gillis and Pól Rua

Modern Myth Media
Hosted by Sean Gerber. A generalist superhero-culture podcast.

Nerdist Comics Panel
Hosted by Ben Blacker, Len Wein, Heath Corson and Adam Beechen

Nine Panel
Hosted by Steve, John, and Ali

Hosted by Joe, Kane, Larry, Josh, and Lucas

Oni Press Podcast
Hosted by Adam Warrock and James Lucas Jones. Focusing on Oni Press

Hosted by J. David Weter, Lee Busby, and Michael Bailey. Focused on The Incredible Hulk

Panel Culture
Hosted by Charles, Owen and George

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast
Hosted by the Pittsburgh Comics Store.

Hosted by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare

PW Comics World: More to Come
Hosted by Heidi MacDonald, Calvin Reid, and Kate Fitzsimmons

Raging Bullets
Hosted by Sean and Jim. Focused on DC Comics.

Relatively Geeky Network
A network of various comic book podcasts

SciFi4Me Radio
A general sci-fi podcast with a number of rotating hosts.

Sidebar Nation
Hosted by Dwight, Swain, and Adrian

Hosted by Gary Lactus and 'The Beast Must Die'(?!)

Small Press Big Mouth
Hosted by Stacey Whittle and Lee Grice

Stash My Comics
A podcast network unto itself, I think!

Stuff Said
Hosted by Gregg Schigiel

Sunnyside Comics
Hosted by Aaron Abernathy, Scott Ferguson, and PJ Holden

Hosted by the Super-Fly Comics store in Ohio.

Talking Comics 
Hosted by Bobby Shortle

Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Hosted by Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex

The Acmecast Podcast
Hosted by Acme Comics Store

The Batman Universe Podcast
Hosted by Dustin Fritschel. Focused on Batman

The Big Pull Podcast
Hosted by Kurt Matilla, Giancarlo Volpe and Angela-Marie Volpe

The Comic Cast
Hosted by Lee Geraghty and Craig O'Connor

The ComiXologist
Hosted by ComiXology's staff

The Fantasticast
Hosted by Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland

The Fire and Water Podcast
Hosted by and Focused on Firestorm and Aquaman comics

The Hour Cosmic
Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov

The Incomparable
Hosted by Jason Snell. A general geek culture podcast

The Pull Pile Podcast
Hosted by Winthrop Chesterton and 'The Head'

The Off-Panel Podcast
Hosted by Sergio Martinez, John Lees, Alex Koch, Matt Johnson, Merce Mueller

The Secret Identity Podcast
Hosted by Brian LeTendre and Matt Herring

The Superman Podcast Network
A variety of podcasts focusing on Superman

The Uncanny X-Cast
Hosted by Brian Perillo and Rob Briscoe. Focused on the X-Men

The Weekly Longbox
Hosted by Leonard Chikarason. and Todd Rowker

This Week in Marvel
Hosted by Ryan Penagos and Ben Morse. An official podcast for Marvel Comics

Two-Headed Nerd
Hosted by Joe Patrick and Matt Baum

Wait, What?
Hosted by Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan

War Rocket Ajax
Hosted by Chris Sims and Matt Wilson

Wayne's Comics Podcast
Hosted by Wayne Hall

Webcomic Alliance
Hosted by Drezz, Dawn, Byron, Robin and Chris

Word Balloon
Hosted by John Siuntres

Hosted by Seamus and Candice Colbert


Daniel Clifford said...

The Sidekick Cast

Giancarlo said...

Check out The Big Pull Podcast !

Denis Lachapelle said...

Webcomic Alliance

Hugh said...

Acme Wave Projector home of Acmecast, Stuff Said with Gregg Schegiel, Girls Talking Geekery, The Week in Geek

Also Two Headed Nerd and Making Comics the Four Star Way.

Luke said...

Comics Monthly Monday
Hey Kids Comics
Just One of the Guys
Walking Dead Wednesday
Back to the Bins

All at

Quarter Bin Podcast
Uncovering the Bronze Age
Shortbox Showcase

All at

The Fantasticast at

Views from the Longbox


Cory said...

I've got one!

Anonymous said...

It seems ComicsVerse isn't on this list. Theirs is my favorite Comic Book podcast.

kafraco said...

Yeah, you missed a few.

Chris Thompson said...

I'd recommend my show Pop Culture Hound if you enjoy long-form interviews with top talents:

bryesque said...

I co-host a comic podcast with a few fellow indie/web comic artists called Zero Issues! We can be found at

Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast come out weekly and they talk all things comics as well.

Anonymous said...

you forgot COMIC TALK616

netforceequalsma said...

The Worst Comic Podcast EVER!

twitter: @wcpever

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